Oliver Wasow

 Photographer Oliver Wasow was born in Madison,Wisconsin in 1960. Now, he is 46 years old and living in New York City. He is teaching for student to Digital Imaging and Photo Critique at School of Visual Arts of Bard College in NY. Before that, he was also teaching at some university. At the same time, He is taking pictures that are magazines, CD covers, and book covers. In 2000, he produced an eight-minute digital animation collaboratively with Nancy Dwyer. This short movie “somewhere else” was a public art project for them. He received be awarded a prize that NYSCA Photography Fellowship in 1988, Louis Comfort Tiffany Grant in 1995, NYFA Grant in 2000.
He is almost taking pictures about a landscape. So, he often go to journey to different countries because of take beautiful pictures. People are thinking his picture remind of Science Fiction. His pictures have brilliant and glow. When you see these pictures for the first time, you feel they were like a painting. His woks are having realistic and impractical.
The above picture is a Kabuki Theater taken in Kyoto, Japan. It is having effect that water and light. The light looks like a space ship. And, the water is shining by the reflection of light. It is strange that we can not imagine. So, people who see these pictures will be captive.

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